I’m always say: if we are doing something, do it like a pro. I am perfectionist, if i undertake a work, i try to do as best as i can, no matter what amount. The best advertise are the satisfied clients, i’ve got a lot of recommendations, and i hope that i will get it in the future too.

Attila Szűcs, founder/CEO

Who we are?

We started our estate bussiness over 10 years ago. With the collected experience, we founded the Oroszlán Ingatlan (www.oroszlaningatlan.hu) in 2012, which is member of the Belváros Ingatlan network.
We connected our IT and estate activities in July 2015 under a new name: LeoGroup. We also do property management, property development and renewal

We take the view that today the estate and IT are complement each other, because the sale of the properties are usually taking place at the internet.
The fusion we created proving remarkably successful, because we can satisfy all of our clients requirements with our comprehensive services.
Entrust our company either to sale/rent your property or making your website, we will do all our jobs with comission, dedicated and with full transparency. In 2016, we help to sold 590 million HUF value of property and our programmers, designers and developers made 15 websites and background systems.


Web development

We have decades of experience in making websites. Webshops, WordPress based sites, custom background systems and we undertake to make it for a fair price. The price sensitivity of our clients is important to us, so we assess our client’s needs in a consultation before we start the work, and we recommend the best solution.  Nálunk pár 10.000 Ft-tól elérhetők igényes, jól felépített weboldalak.

Design, Marketing

We undertake making flyers, advertising spaces, logos, websites, graphic of publications, also online & offline marketing work.

Automation, custom systems

Our company can develop custom web-based systems. Our team has years of experience in property managements, event organization,  rendezvényszervezés, inventory records and planning & making automation systems. A modern, innovative Legtöbben nem is gondolnák, hogy modern, innovatív informatikai megoldásokkal milyen könnyen lehet automatizálni és kiváltani több ember munkáját. Így Ön, vagy munkatársai/alkalmazottai arra koncentrálhatnak, amire szükséges így időt és pénzt takarít meg, miközben hatékonyabbá teszi a cégét/vállalkozását.


Entrust your property for over of decade's experience!
Property sales

We will follow the whole process from the first view through the energetic certification to the lawyer’s work and the key handover!


Learn more about our packages! Our packages contain all our services, advertising spaces and services what our employees use to sale your property.


There is a chance we can offer an opportunity for you to pay less installment or even guarantee an earlier repayment!

Property management

Even if we can’t give a guarantee for the tenant, we undertake that we will handle the property with responsibility when the owner is not there.


Whether about a small work, like painting and revetment, or a larger job like bombing your bathroom or build a new kitchen, we have partners to do anything!

Property development

We can bring through your development from buying the building site through complete the plans to the sales and key handover, whether about a build a house or a larger apartment house.


Szűcs Attila

Alapító, tulajdonos

Stranszki Viktor

Alapító, tulajdonos

Boda Alex


Juhász Máté

PHP backend fejlesztő

Moldován Péter


Breskó Balázs


Do you want to buy or sale? Do you need an IT work? Write us!

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